Criss-Cross Small Balance Blanket Program

Consistent and Reliable Rental Property Financing

At CFG, we understand how difficult it can be to finance your real estate investment business. That’s why we created the Small Balance Blanket Program to help you tap into your existing rental property equity, improve returns, and clear your personal credit lines. Think of it as a debt consolidation loan for your real estate investment business. CFG offers rental portfolio financing using commercial loan structures. If you do not have a corporate entity, we can even help you set up a single purpose LLC. It’s all about the cash flow of your rental property, NOT your personal debt to income ratio. A blanket loan will allow you to consolidate multiple mortgages into a single loan so that you can stop writing multiple checks every month. We want to be your lending partner and we have experienced team ready to assist you. Call us today and let us help you grow your rental portfolio!

Criss-Cross Blanket Loans

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