• Criss-Cross Working Capital Loans

Invoice factoring and purchase order financing can give your profits a powerful boost by giving your company the cash it needs to address these growth impairing constraints. We can end the cash burdens that keep you from fully addressing your business’s needs with our invoice factoring and purchase order financing solutions. Financing is provided primarily based on the credit of the entities that owe your business money for the goods and services you deliver, and on the value of your inventory. Truly unique funding sources are something you can’t find at a bank or traditional lending company. You choose which invoices or accounts receivable to sell and whether to take full or partial advances. Your discount rate can be as low as 1.25% per month, along with an advance rate of as much as 90% up front!

Our factoring services offer unparalleled industry value:

  • Advance rate up to 90%
  • No long-term commitments
  • You choose the particular invoices to factor
  • Ongoing no-cost consulting regarding creditworthiness of your customers
  • A quick and easy application process
  • No hidden fees
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